About Us

Custom fabricated Standing Seam Metal Roofing System,  made of 20-ounce copper, and installed in Oakland, CA.

Many homes require custom roof paneling to accommodate custom designs.

Copper Radius Batten Panels installed in a Piedmont, CA home.

Side view of Copper Radius Batten Panels, made of 20-ounce copper.

All types of sheet metal Gutters are built in-house by Chris Mast. These include ogee, fascia and some half rounds.

Radius work is just one of our many specialties. This Radius Gutter  is made from 20-ounce copper, and is installed on a home in Piedmont, CA.

We also produce custom styles and can duplicate redwood gutters, with many patterns available.

Custom fabricated Copper Standing Seam Panels with integral gutter.

We specialize in Architectural restoration. Copper Clad Belfry Top, ready for installation on a home in Piedmont CA.

Installed Copper Clad Belfry Top, Piedmont, CA.